Key found and raffle end – Artifact Beta Key Giveaway

Key found and raffle end – Artifact Beta Key Giveaway

After the raffle started it took 17 hours to find the secret key. The expectations that the key must have be hidden in the code or on another place where it’s more difficult to find were destroyed after the solution. It was pretty easy to find – but just if you didn’t interpret too much. Leafeator told us that it was more like a scavenger hunt and that he would know if someone was getting the solution. These hints came after some many insane hours. Even then: nobody knew it directly, we just knew that there couldn’t be any key. It must be a link or anything else. Also he wrote some weird sentences and explained it with “it’s just voice to text”. Was that a hint? Nobody knew. On Discord everyone where getting pretty crazy and kinda angry because they were thinking and searching about it for hours. Suddenly Leafeator wrote: “I think someone got it”, “I have to confirm.” and “I’m pretty sure.”

In the end the solution was a video of Justin Timberlake “Man of the woods” were he commented “msgme”. On Discord the topic Justin Timberlake came across a few times but nobody got it. Even the link to the video were posted. Leafeator said that his comment on reddit had included 6 titles of Justin Timberlake videos. You all can imagine how the Discord members felt.

Now the giveaway of the raffle and the hidden key end. Leafeator was giving 10 keys away with the raffle. He also told that he has a total of 50 keys. Let’s see what is coming next.


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