Artifact Beta Key Giveaway

11 hours ago leafeator posted a raffle on Reddit with the Title “No Hoops, No Dancing, No Region Bias”. It sounds pretty good because you don’t need art skills or anything else like the last contest to get a beta key. You just send your Reddit name in a Google form he posted.

But now it comes: He also posted a comment that he hid a key somewhere. Since many redditors are searching for any hints for the key and the key itself but nobody found it yet. Everyone who found a start needed to get rid of it because it’s not going forward and it was just a feint. In his comment he said, that there weren’t many signs leading to it but all supplies were there.

On discord leafeator wrote BDE*. Maybe it’s the start of the key? Or is it another hint? Maybe it’s just nothing, like everything else yet.


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